Cancelled Words

21st century buzzwords, suspended until further notice.
Cultural MemesAugust 1, 2019
We know you’ve come across them – words that have been overused in every context to the point where they are rendered utterly absurd and devoid of meaning. This is our non-exhaustive list of words we’re striking out from our vocabulary right now.
Used to disguise production errors as a desirable trait.
Often means poorly made in limited numbers; the modern antonym to “value”.
To be used only in the context of exhibitions, not “content”.
Especially when followed by “… creator”.
You know we can Google this, right?
If you see this in a property brochure, run away.
Even more pretentious than a cocktail and less appetising.
Functionally useless because you know the presentation will cock up anyway. Also too uncomfortably close to “pre-ejaculate” to be used in a corporate setting.
Used to sex up a mundane business idea to get Other People’s Money.
The word you use when you’re not actually friends. Just kill the group chat already.


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