Instant Interior Design Hacks for an Insta-Worthy Home

How it looks IRL < how it looks on your IG feed!
How-toJune 4, 2019
It’s hard to know where to look for inspiration when getting your moodboard ready for your interior designer. Even with Pinterest™, it can be a case of “Should we?”; “Is it actually nice?”; and most importantly… “Instagrammable or not?”. Fret not! Here is our definitive and handy guide to all the interior design trends of 2019!

Jungle your abode!

Nothing shows your profound connection with nature and your casual, yet forced relationship with “sustainability” more than ramming your home full of plants of all varieties! Especially species with timeless and tasteful “architectural” qualities – Ficus Elastica, the iconic Monstera split leaf and lots of cute succulents in glassware! To show commitment, do it at the expense of circulation and practicality to show what a maverick you are.

Terrazzo every flat surface!

Terrazzo has been de rigueur again since 2017. If you can’t afford the real hand-ground stuff, there are substitutes like tiles and even laminates on the market. Elegant and twee, terrazzo expresses your desire to emulate your parents’ taste and maintain a connection to a time of prosperous economic growth and rotary dial telephones. For full IG impact, terrazzo everything that is terrazzo-able – i.e. flat – especially your bed. Edgy.

Make the walls talk!

“If these walls could talk…” Well, yes, they can! Nothing catches the eye more than text in an IG photo, and while a bit early 2000’s, there is still something compelling to your followers about announcing your life’s guiding principles through elegantly framed, oversized posters propped about your living spaces – replete with impractical platitudes that are hard to live by everyday. #selfcare #selflove #selfobsessed

Hybridise all your furniture!

What better way to tell the world that you are an unconventional thinker and that the rules of the common herd do not apply to you? You want your followers to go: “Damn, why did I not think of that!?”
“So cute!”
“So innovative!”

The formula is simple – just blend your life’s true passions (a.k.a. that hobby you very occasionally dabble in) with your in-built furniture, and let practicality be damned! You were the first, a trail-blazer. Everyone else is just weak and uncreative.

Retro elegance at all costs!

Wicker rattan has made a comeback as big as Tiger Woods in 2019. Light, elegant, tropical and breezy, the unexpected application of this truly versatile material on toilet doors, bedroom windows and kitchen counters will surely delight your fans on IG, if not your guests. Screw them.

Recessed lighting all the way!

Nothing screams “SOPHISTICATION” and “ATTENTION TO DETAIL” more than a photo aglow with compact, 2700K battery-operated LED light strips mounted (with double-sided tape) in all sorts of places across your home. This design move is especially effective at elevating your bathroom to hospitality levels, making your followers think that you only stay at the best boutique hotels!

But go further. Go to town with this: the back of your toilet bowl, the base of your toilet bowl, the lid of your toilet bowl, the inside of your toilet bowl… The flush handle. The bidet spray. The toilet roll holder. The toilet roll… The possibilities are endless and the low voltage of the equipment means you will get a pleasant buzz as opposed to death if any circuits get wet and are closed with you in the middle!

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