Who is the Most Relatable Tech Icon?

Elon, Jack or Min-Liang: multi-millionaires just like us?
Cultural MemesMay 9, 2019


Blokey tech maverick who founded Tesla, SpaceX, and co-founded PayPal .Trying change the world and humanity by revolutionising many industries: electric vehicles, reusable space rockets, solar roof tiles(?), underground tunnelling. Dated Amber Heard and currently the musician, Grimes. Has a Rabid fan base who call themselves Musketeers who will swing into his defence again any naysayers. Wants to establish a human colony on mars, recently reversed his receding hairline with hair grafts.

May also be known for:
Smoking weed on a podcast and speaking like a robot. Erratic, aggressive behaviour on Twitter.

Not so good?:
Possibly a genius gamer of government subsidies. Could actually be a robot sent from the future to come and brainwash us.

Relatability score:

You will likely, not ever be like Elon. And for some of us, he’s just a bit too ambitious!


Computer programmer who co-founded Twitter and founded Square mobile payments.

Maybe also be known for:
Being the Silicon Valley version to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP; everything he touches starts trending, from sleeping trackers to personal EMF-blocking Faraday saunas for people who suffer from electromagnetic stress. (Yes, really.) He drinks a concoction called “Salt Juice”, which is Himalayan salt, lemon and water and is dispensed in Twitter offices all round the world. We want to try too!

Not so good?:
Big on ketone fasting which could lead to dietary disorders and cryotherapy which involves freezing your balls off for health benefits. A bit too Goopy for his own good?

Relatability score:

He’s been described as “monastic”. Apart from great wealth, he just does not seem to have a very fun life. You want that, meh?


Singaporean ex-lawyer who turned his passion for gaming into a multi-billion dollar business!

May also be known for:
Responding to LHL’s request for a unified e-payment system for Singapore in August of 2017; Tan tweeted that he could have a system “”rolled out nationwide in 18 months”, to which LHL hit back: “Make me a proposal!” Wah, full marks for entrepreneurial swagger! Tweet tweet tweet!

Not so good?:
Razer is perhaps a bit too… macho? No? Reminds us of LYNX body spray for some reason.

Relatability score:

He’s Singaporean! We all could be him if only we woke up our ideas and followed our passions! You see lah. Not only that, he’s building us a toaster… something we can use everyday! So thoughtful!


We saw the video, “oohed” and “ahhhhhed”…
then realised we were looking at a version of ourselves every night in bed. And felt sad.

100% relatable.

Chimp wins.
(And yet… we lose.)

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