Un-sian Weekends: Apr 5 – 7

Recommendations for the chronically sian: Inception, musical theatre, and war-time Singapore!
by Phil Lee
Weekend PlansApril 3, 2019
We seek out off-beat experiences to impress your dates, up your IG stories game, or to help you feel like you’re out of Singapore for a bit. We balance the three key pillars of event selection: cost, cringe factor, and ease of leaving halfway. So expect a little bit of danger, a mix of high and low, and a whole lot of un-sianness.

Saturday 6th, 9.00am – 1.00pm:
Wartime Singapore – Tours of The Invasion

These tours are run twice a year only in the lead up to Anzac Day in April and Remembrance Day in November, and revisit the Japanese invasion in 1942, and the events leading up to the unexpected capitulation of “Fortress Singapore”.

The route starts from Kranji to Pasir Panjang, and will follow the journey taken by the Japanese troops as they overran the island. Visit WW2 sites including the Kranji War Memorial, the Landing Beaches & Battlefield Sites on Singapore’s North coast, and an amazing little treasure of a museum in Pasir Panjang, which commemorates the heroic last stand by the Malay Regiment in the last battle for Singapore.

Don’t miss this chance to understand Singapore’s history a little better and give meaning to the landmarks we pass by daily but so easily take for granted. Memorise a few key points for the next time you take visiting friends around so they don’t think Singapore is just about huge malls and infinity pools.
– Dempsey Road. $70. Find out more.

Saturday 6th, 2.00pm – 4.00pm:
The Philosophy of Inception: How do we know if reality is real

Just when you thought the nerd-dom of The Matrix fanboys analysing symbolism and biblical theories had died down, along came Inception. With updated CGI technology, an emotionally heightened backstory, and a larger star-studded cast, Christopher Nolan’s epic surpassed The Matrix in igniting a legion of armchair philosophers, leaving them in an existential mess.

Thankfully, we have The Philosophy of Life, a group in Singapore invested in making philosophy practical, to step in and bring some of the fanboys back to earth by viewing the movie through a variety of philosophical theories including those from Plato, Descarte and Aristotle. If you want to talk about the meaning of life, the reality we live in, and ask other metaphysical questions, this is the venue. Before you know it, you’ll be able to have deep conversations with your friends that manage to get further than “Yeah, who knows”, and “Just wow, seriously”.
– Duo Galleria. Free. Find out more.

Now till April 21st, 7.30pm (or on the 16th):
Don’t Tell Me How To Dress Singapore Exhibition

This is a little pop-up exhibition against gender-based violence and sexual assault that is being held at NomadX, Plaza Singapura. Through events, photographs, and celebrities speaking out, this exhibition aims to bring awareness to the negative culture of survivor shaming in sexual assault cases. Pop by and walk in survivor’s shoes to understand that gender-based violence occurs regardless of how anyone is dressed.
– NomadX, Plaza Singapura. Free. Find out more.

Sunday 7th, 3.00pm – 6.00pm:
Sing’Theatre Open Mic

Event Description: Come and Join Sing’theatre Academy for a special JUNIOR edition of our regular Musical Theatre Open Mic night! Bring along your sheet music for our pianist and belt out your favorite Broadway classics to a fun and supportive crowd.

I was delighted to discover events like these exist in Singapore. Musical theatre as a genre is just so much fun, and perfect for open mics. All of us have our favourite song from a musical we’ve hummed while doing the dishes, sang in the shower, or belted out while alone in the car. And Singapore needs it’s own Glee .

Most of all, I look forward to listening to a podcast ten years from now where a Singaporean is asked by Terry Gross, Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey when they first knew they loved musical theatre. And this Singaporean, who would be the first Asian lead of a blockbuster broadway musical, would answer (in an accent I hope is closer to Michelle Yeoh than Constance Wu) that they first knew they loved musical theatre because of a small open mic in a café called Lowercase their parents brought them to years ago.
– Lowercase, LASALLE. $10. Find out more.

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