Un-sian Weekends: Mar 29 – 31

Recommendations for the chronically sian: GIF Fest, foam blasters and rubber girls.
by Phil Lee
Weekend PlansMarch 27, 2019
We seek out off-beat experiences to impress your dates, up your IG stories game, or to help you feel like you’re out of Singapore for a bit. We balance the three key pillars of event selection: cost, cringe factor, and ease of leaving halfway. So expect a little bit of danger, a mix of high and low, and a whole lot of un-sianness.

Thursday 28th – Monday 1st, 12.00pm – 10.00pm (Sunday from 10.00am – 8.00pm):
Noise GIF Festival 2019

GIFs aren’t just useful for memes or to serve as a lazy person’s way to show some texting personality. GIFs are a whole art form, please. This weekend, come experience a full-scale interactive exhibition inspired by the animated GIF (pronounce it any way you choose, we don’t have bring it up for discussion anymore).

See over 40 young cutting-edge artists push the boundaries of the GIF, experimenting with various modern technologies. Judging from their animation-laden site that maxed my computer’s memory and made it whirr, I think this exhibition would be best experienced IRL, where I expect to also max out of sensory capacity.
– Gillman Barracks. Free. Find out more.

Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st, 3pm and 8pm:
Rubber Girl on the loose (R18)

The little “(R18)” detail caught my attention. I haven’t been to a restricted theatre performance since following my parents to Neptune Theatre Restaurant where I had to be ushered out during the topless performances. But I am now proud to be of age and able to watch adult content live. And this isn’t any other R18 performance, but one where the event write up ends with:

*Due to health reasons, actor Noorlinah Mohamed will no longer be performing in Rubber Girl on the loose.

What happened to her? How bad is this R18 situation? Will there be a replacement or will the other actors just respond to her imaginary lines? Who is the Rubber Girl? I found a hint in the event description:

Rubber Girl is the proverbial rebel with a cause, a poster child for every generation, politicised by necessity to change her world.

There are too many questions that need to be answered, and that’s when I knew I had to buy a ticket. I just hope Noorlinah is ok and wasn’t being politicised by necessity to change her world. I say bring Noorlinah back!
– Esplanade Theatre Studios. $35. Find out more.

Saturday 30th, 5.00pm:
NYFA Conference 2019 – Film Industry 101: The Festival Experience

Event Description: A director and producer share the joys and sorrows of their international film festival circuit experience. They chronicle the journey from the minute they hit submit on their films, to experiencing the pain of rejection, to that glorious, nerve-wracking moment of world premiering in a festival. The pair advise budding filmmakers on how to navigate the complexities of the festival circuit and secure a coveted spot for their films at festivals.

Come listen to Boo Junfeng and Huang Junxiang, who will offer their unique perspectives on the industry. Unique because no one else has won awards at film festivals. I mean, there are others, but not many. The organizers could rename this panel “Film Industry 501: The I’ve-Made-It Experience”. Regardless, it should be very inspiring for anyone interested in a career in film-making and grant-writing. Just kidding! I truly admire these guys and they have done Singapore proud!
– *SCAPE. Free. Find out more.

Saturday 30th, 7.00pm:
Gilded Edge EP Launch

I had not heard of Gilded Edge but that doesn’t matter. I looked up their album on Spotify and it’s Awesome. Yes, that is a word I use to describe music. It’s on a scale of Kitaro to Awesome, with seven even gradations in between, and Awesome sits at the top. Anyway, Gilded Edge’s music is a bit of Green Day meets Franz Ferdinand, a comparison I expect to annoy the band members.

After four long years together, Gilded Edge finally released their first eponymous EP at the end of 2018 with five tracks. If you are like me, you’d have calculated that it took them exactly 1.25 years to record each track. How could you not support this band? Show up and buy their album and some merch. You are also welcome to bring your own booze to the event, which is exactly how all events should be.
– 34 Craig Road. $12. Find out more.

Sunday 31st, 6.00pm:
Foam Blaster Marksmanship Championship (10M)

Everything in this event name just screams, “Who are these people?!”. To be clear, it’s a competition of target shooting using foam guns (like Nerf?) from 10 meters away.

The event description consists only of Rules and Regulations numbered like a legal document. A few choice lines:

1.2. No BB, WBB or Fully black blasters of any sort.
1.4. All Non-NERF brand blasters ( Machined, 3D printed, Custom made, etc… ) must have proper SPF ( Singapore Police Force ) approval documents before it can be allowed in this game. Please check with organizers before the game date with relevant documents.
2.2. Stefan, Streamline, Mega and Rival form darts/balls are allowed
3.1. No MilSim wear.
5.4. Any Unruly behavior is strongly discouraged in our games. Organizers reserve the right to disallow/disqualify any unruly behaved participants.

And you thought your little online fetish made you interesting! I see your niche interest and raise you the Foam Blaster Marksmanship Championship (10M)!
– Potong Pasir Community Club. Free. Find out more.

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