Un-sian Weekends: Mar 15 – 17

Recommendations for the chronically sian: Modelling workshops meets 5D dining!
by Phil Lee
Weekend PlansMarch 13, 2019
We seek out off-beat experiences to impress your dates, up your IG stories game, or to help you feel like you’re out of Singapore for a bit. We balance the three key pillars of event selection: cost, cringe factor, and ease of leaving halfway. So expect a little bit of danger, a mix of high and low, and a whole lot of un-sianness.

Friday 15th , 7.30pm (or on the 16th):
“The Hundred Foot Journey” – 5D Dining Experience!

The Hundred Foot Journey is a film starring Hellen Mirren about an Indian family that relocates to a small town in France. They open an Indian restaurant a hundred feet away from a renowned French Michelin starred restaurant and drama ensues.

Cooking event company, Cookyn Inc, will be screening the movie while serving you dishes from the film. Imagine watching steaming hot “Beef Bourguignon a la Hassan” on screen and being able to eat it in real life! Truly immediate gratification, so no more complaining how “this movie is making me so hungry.” Hope they do a series for Netflix’s Chef’s Table next!
– Hometeam Clubhouse, 31 Ah Hood Road. $80-$150. Find out more.

Saturday 16th, 1.00pm:
Workshop: Insights to Modelling (Is a modelling career suitable for you?)

For $10, you have a rare chance to conduct an anthropological study into the exclusive world of tall skinny people. Who are these people that want to become models? The training session covers essential questions like “Which modelling career is suitable for you” and “How do I increase my chances of being selected during casting calls?” and is conducted by Bonita Ma, the head booker for Basic Models Management, which is also the agency hosting the event.

I, for one, am definitely going to attend just to see the look on everyone’s faces when I walk into the room with my 25.6 BMI body. I intend to keep a straight face and follow instructions earnestly throughout the hour-long session. Then I’ll ask for a refund when I leave with no modelling career.
– Basic Studio, 1 Irving Place. $10. Find out more.

Saturday 16th, 3pm or 8pm (shows on 15th too):
The Peculiar Tra La

At ITI, students are awarded a Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting) after a three-year program. Scrolling through their alumni page is testament to the level of talent entering the thriving local theatre scene.

The Peculiar Tra La is a student production from the graduating class of the Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI). It is an original production that weaves together legends, riddles and the actors’ individual stories with ITI’s unique intercultural training. I can only imagine the amount of work put into writing a cohesive script incorporating each actor’s background, then having to pull it all together to stage a full production.
– Drama Centre Black Box. $25. Find out more.

Saturday 16th, 10.30pm:
Sink The Pink Live in Singapore

Sink The Pink is a collective of queens, club kids, creative juggernauts, and flamboyant dancers from London who will be performing alongside our local stars from RIOT! for one crazy night at Hard Rock Café.

Expect the unexpected with variety show extravaganza that’s described as “the trashiest, clashiest and most spectacular”, all rule-breaking adjectives that appropriately reflect the genre- (and gender-) defying energy of the show. For those who have attended vaudeville or S&M-themed parties overseas and said, “Sigh, you’d never find this in Singapore.” WELL, YOU ARE WRONG. THIS IS EVEN BETTER!

The show is being produced by Becca D’Bus of RIOT!, so say thank you and check out her other shows here. I first saw her perform at last year’s The Junk Show, and was wowed by her talent and by how studied the art form of drag turned out to be. Look, her stage name was inspired by Rosa Parks, the civil rights activist who refused to stay “at the back of the bus”. Cheem, hor. Not just fun and games, ok.

So go and experience the energy of Sink The Pink and RIOT! this weekend, and have your mind opened by an inclusive event where all are welcome. (P.S. No need to show pink I/C to enter.)
– Hard Rock Cafe. From $20 online. Find out more.

Sunday 17th, 4.30pm – 6.00pm:
Build Your Own Home Bar 101

It’s time to grow up, people. You’ve moved from hiding Bacardi Breezers from your parents, to drinking Tiger Beers while watching soccer with your friends, to duty-free whiskeys and experimenting with making big ice spheres. Today, you have your own place with knock-off designer furniture from Taobao and an indoor plant obsession. Armed with your new appreciation for double-wishbone chairs and succulents, it’s time to up your home entertaining game with a proper home bar.

Siri House – a beautiful destination in Dempsey that brings together great food, drinks and art – is here to help you with the basics. Mark Tay, Beverage Director at Siri House, will showcase the must-have spirits, tools, glassware and garnishes essential for building the backbone of your home bar. Be ready to impress your friends or date with a proper drink menu and your ability to light up an orange peel.
– Block 8D, Dempsey Road. $150. Find out more.

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