Un-sian Weekends: Mar 8 – 10

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Weekend PlansMarch 7, 2019
We seek out off-beat experiences to impress your dates, up your IG stories game, or to help you feel like you’re out of Singapore for a bit. We balance the three key pillars of event selection: cost, cringe factor, and ease of leaving halfway. So expect a little bit of danger, a mix of high and low, and a whole lot of un-sianness.

Friday 8th , 10pm onwards:
Mikail and DEEN at Headquarters (The Council)

Headquarters is a no-frills venue home to music lovers whose idea of a good night out is burning a thousand calories from hours of dancing. Lit only by red lasers, the dark graffiti-lined rooms are perfect for days when you want to rock up in black t-shirt and sneakers and not be seen. A welcome addition to the local nightlife scene, HQ (as the cool kids call it) serves as an antithesis to the prevailing club culture of douchebags “bottling” each other while surrounded by girls in high heels and big hair who only know how to sexy dance to no beat.

Mikail is based in both Manila and Berlin, dishing out every shade of house music, dipping into techno, disco, electro and even world music sounds. Mikail plays Upstairs, while The Council regular Deen brings his raw techno energy to Headquarters.
– Headquarters by The Council, 66 Boat Quay. $25. Find out more.

Saturday 9th, 1.30pm or 7.30pm:
Project IDIOM

Project IDIOM presents a series of concerts showcasing a wide variety of local classical music. These works span a myriad of different styles, aesthetics, and approaches, ranging from the work of Leong Yoon Pin — often referred to as “the doyen of Singapore composers” — to composers of a younger generation, such as Diana Soh and Emily Koh.

As a gauge for the level of music experimentation you can expect, consider that Hoh Chung Shih’s piece is entitled: “cs: bw{i’mpulses (ks:capricorn+taurus) frissons}ct”, which is sure to break the code on any webpage. Check out this event to surprise yourself by how music can be redefined.
– Esplanade Recital Studio. Free. Find out more.

Saturday 9th, 5pm:
A Place For Us: Conversations on Seeing

A Place For Us is an impactful account of a woman’s journey with her guide dog as they navigate their everyday lives. Hosted by Eunice Olsen, this is a book launch event organised by Ethos Books.

The book chronicles Cassandra Chiu’s growing-up years in 1980s Singapore and how her life unfolds with the onset of Stargardt disease, which causes progressive vision loss. From pursuing an education, navigating motherhood, to building a career as a psychotherapist, Cassandra openly discusses the attitudes towards disability and her journey towards true independence with her guide dog Esme.

The event offers an opportunity to hear and learn from someone with a dramatically different perspective on life in Singapore. We are also curious to hear about her efforts as an advocate for equal rights for persons with disabilities, which in Singapore could possibly pose its own set of unique challenges.
– Gateway Theatre, Jalan Bukit Merah. Free. Find out more.

Sunday 10th, 2pm:
Habits of Creativity: Exploring Writing Methods Workshop

In this workshop, poet Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé invites both emerging and established practitioners to discuss their own effective writing habits and processes. The writing segment will have participants engaging with Desmond’s book of creative prompts, The World According to Ms Erasure.

Workshops like these can give your mind an unexpected jolt, and you’re likely to walk away inspired with new ideas that could be applied to other areas of life. Nothing like a writing exercise to help you think up ways for making your boss look bad, or new viral video ideas for your social media page.

This makes for a great date too, but only if you are certain you can think and write on your feet well enough to impress your partner. Bonus idea: take a shot of concentrated alcohol each before showing up.

The event is part of Textures 2019, a festival organized by The Arts House to reach out to those new to SingLit or those looking to engage with the community on a deeper level. Do check out the other events too!
– Council Room, The Arts House. $10. Find out more.

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