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A bad car ad causes our reader distress
LettersMarch 1, 2019
JUNK corresponds with a reader, recently traumatised by a hauntingly bad car ad, which you can view here.

Dear Frank,

Thanks for writing in and we are honoured that you get the impression that we are able to shed some light on your sleepless frustrations over this advertising incident.

We watched the ad and while we were just going “eeeee-yur” and mimicking hair standing on our forearms to each other from the sheer awfulness of it, we were mindful to get to the bottom of your annoyance so that you can once again be a free person and escape this anxious, French-SUV-shaped prison.

Our summary is that influencer-style campaigns (as opposed to celebrity endorsements or personality driven ones) are risky. If you are just careless and thoughtless with them, as this one is, the result is you suddenly have barely credible individuals thrust into your face being told to say things about shit they probably know nothing about and failing to be convincing, entirely. In this day and age, where the customer is perhaps even better informed than the people selling the product (strange but true), it’s offensive to the factor of 10. You have been offended on that front and we commiserate.

We will never know if this tragic campaign was the decision of the agency or the client, but this particular one is a case study of the worst of the breed: It’s a perfect collision of a narrative so shallow that it has effectively destroyed any positive takeouts on the subject matter and spotlighted a bunch of delusional individuals who, despite their atas posturing, seem to be doing this for a paycheque … and mouthing off the most banal and moronic reasons as to why they “love” the car with a level of conviction similar to amateur pornography.

We suggest that the client go back to focusing advertising the product at hand. You know, the one they have spent many hundreds of millions of dollars to develop (i.e. THE CAR), and skip these ‘influencers’.

So Frank, your annoyance is justified as this steaming pile of crap is an insult to everyone’s intelligence and actually depressing. You’re probably wondering why you subjected yourself to watching this ad in its entirety, and to be honest, it was a slow-motion car crash that we could not take our eyes off of, and neither could you! It was THAT awful eh? 😉

Hope you have newfound clarity, now go get some sleep hor.


A piece of humour brought to you by JUNK.

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