Un-sian Weekends: Feb 22 – 24

Recommendations for the chronically sian: kombucha, Pink Floyd, and horses in the CBD.
Weekend PlansFebruary 21, 2019
We seek out off-beat experiences to impress your dates, up your IG stories game, or to help you feel like you’re out of Singapore for a bit. We balance the three key pillars of event selection: cost, cringe factor, and ease of leaving halfway. So expect a little bit of danger, a mix of high and low, and a whole lot of un-sianness.

Friday 22nd, 7pm:
Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT

We make it a point to attend student performances. The energy of younger performers, along with the anxiety of the unexpected, brings an electric quality to the room. If there is anything millennials do better, it’s pouring their hearts into their interests, and it shows. We always leave very impressed.
– The Singapore Airlines Theatre, LASALLE. Free Event. Find out more.

Saturday 23rd, 4pm till late:
Singapore Urban Polo – Polo in the City

Yes, you heard right: polo, that hockey game with horses, is going to be played on a grass patch somewhere in Marina Bay. Peek into the microcosm of the blue-blooded via this very elite sport and take in their rarefied air! We looking forward to (finally) wearing our Polo Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts to an actual polo event, while eating a polo bao and observing those around us give new meaning to the term “brony“. Stay till 6pm, where the agenda reads: Game break stomping of the divots. Ok, can!
– 6 Marina Green, Marina Mall. $99.88 – $297.19. Find out more.

Saturday 23rd, 7pm:
Brain Damage – Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ in Quadraphonic

Pink Floyds’ Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here are two critically acclaimed rock albums from the 70s whose cultural reach extends to the t-shirts worn by at least 30% of waif-like hipsters hanging around Art Friend. Lucky for us, tribute bands exist, and Welcome To The Machine is performing these two canonical albums for one night only.
– The Pavilion, Far East Square. $30. Find out more.

Sunday 24th, 10am-7pm:
Raffles in Southeast Asia

History is best experienced with exhibitions like these, and not just from books (or Wikipedia entries, ahem). The exhibition seems to take an all-rounded look at the good and bad of Stamford Raffles’ legacy. We’d go just to have more to talk about when taking visitors around Singapore. This is a temporary exhibition that’s running until 28 April 2019, and is done in collaboration with the British Museum. Worth at least a brisk walk through.
– Asian Civilisations Museum. $12. Find out more.

Sunday 24th, 2.30pm-4.30pm:
Basic Kombucha Workshop

“What is Kombucha? It is a variety of fermented tea that is produced using a “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast” (SCOBY).” – From event page

Stop already, you got me at “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast”. Sign us up! For a fee of slightly over $50, you also get a starter kit of your very own SCOBY and recipe guide. Perfect for those that aren’t satisfied with your chia seeds, flaxseed oils, and acai bowls, and need yet another wellness ingredient to worry about. Horrified by the weak bacterial levels present in yoghurt, Yakult, and kimchi? Then of course you should brew very own SCOBY into kombucha.
– 370E Alexandra Road. $53.24. Find out more.

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