The Next Chapter of Hirzi Zulkiflie

What's next for the millennial funnyman, as told by his aura
Aura ProfilesJune 19, 2018
The aura profile: an emotional snapshot of a person at a particular moment of their lives. Having recently closed the book on his massively successful YouTube channel “MunahHirziOfficial”, we catch up with actor/social media sensation Hirzi Zulkiflie as he embarks on his brand new solo chapter. Featuring aura and chakra readings by Selina Seah, Intuitive Energy Alchemist and Founder of The AuraChakra Company.

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A note on auras and chakras…

Aura: your human energy field, a portrait of your inner emotional state. While your core aura colour does not typically change, your current emotional state can affect the colour and size of your aura.

The concept of chakras exist across many Asian traditions. There are seven chakras in the body, each of which corresponds to a particular kind of energy.

Selina: Hirzi, you are a yellow. You’re somebody who is creative and full of ideas, who makes people around you comfortable, just like how sunshine brings warmth. But around you, you have blues. Blue is a colour of loyalty, support and integrity. It’s a beautiful colour of healing but it can get a little bit tiring for you because you are yellow and your primary instinct is to shine. But with blue it’s always about support. So you may feel like, “I love these people but I love myself and I don’t know who to love first…” This is right now. Will it change? Perhaps…

Hirzi: I totally understand that… In my family dynamics, I’m the middle child. My brother just moved out of our house with his wife and kid. I’ve got a younger sister who’s just about to enter polytechnic, too. And so, I’m aware that I’m the next in line to care for my family, and that it’s my highest responsibility. So it’s a conflict right now – do I live my life and just be amazing, or should I also stay home and help things out?

I also see change is coming to your life. This bright green light coming through? Green stands for growth. And what is growth? Change. There’s something you’re starting to feel inside, but not exactly ready to talk about. I do see that it’s really bright. And I do see that you are preparing yourself for the change. So just embrace it.

So spot on. I think stepping into my 30s, my ideas, the visions I have for myself… they are propelling me towards a more mature, refined version of my entertainment as Hirzi. Right now, all I feel is this nostalgic segue of my 20s into my 30s. And Syasya [Hirzi’s drag persona @badgalsyasya]… that’s what Syasya is doing for me. She’s helping me step into my 30s, but at the same time she helps me hold onto my strengths and the things I celebrated about my twenties.

The root chakra is a little tired, with all the little holes… it simply means that you have been working really hard. And it’s not for the past two nights, it’s been for quite a while. So it’s a good time for you to rest.

It’s so funny that she said that. For the past year, my day-to-day is – literally – I would sleep 3 to 4 hours a day and that’s the most I get. Even if I have a free day, I’ll over-exhaust myself with thoughts or errands. But 2017 was such a tiring and exhausting year for me that since the [Munah and Hirzi farewell] show, my body has insisted on rest. I’ve been restlessly resting. Like my body refuses to wake up no matter how many alarms I set. It’s so bizarre that she said it.

Your sacral chakra is telling me that you’re very creative, but what I suspect is that you’re also pulling a bit on the handbrake. You’re not really giving your all right now. You’re probably just hitting 30%. The question is why you’re holding back a little bit. Is it because you want to be clearer on certain things? Or because you’re a bit tired?

The sacral chakra was spot on – I was hoping she would mention it and she did. I’m at the most exciting stage of my life right now. I’m stepping into my next 10 years with the knowledge of my last 10. But my ideas always scare me – and I love it when they scare me – but the fear is real. And my ideas for my 30s are so huge…

I could go on but one of the reasons for the handbrake is also because right now, I’m going solo. And it’s… you miss everything about your partner. And I don’t know if she feels the same way; I don’t know if she feels crippled, but I do feel crippled.

But that’s life. You know, I can’t always rely on my best friend as a crutch all the time. I feel crippled, but I feel challenged in the most exhausting way. So this 30% is also just me being nervous as fuck. Like, will I execute my ideas at the same level as we did together over the last 10 years? I guess it’s the procrastination of making something happen. I’m treading water, basically. But I know that whatever happens, I’ll still have to continue swimming.

There are a lot of yellows around [your heart chakra]. Yellow means “doing”. There are a lot of times where you feel like you need to do more, then you can love yourself more. So you can also be quite demanding on yourself. Self-worth is your self-love. But you need to realise that you love yourself as you are. That’s why I say, “You attract what you are, not what you want.”

I’m hard on myself, she’s not wrong about that. For me, always feeling like I’m second-best, or the middle of everything, has been my struggle. One of the biggest flaws I see in myself is that I’m a jack of all trades but a master of none.

I shade all the time, it’s part of my humour, and my friends are always like, “Oh my gosh, your mouth is so brutal.” And I say to myself, “Can you imagine going home and bringing this person back to sleep with you? The thoughts I say to myself all the time?” My shades of myself are harsher than the ones I give to anyone else.

But I think everyone wants to be loved, and I think everyone wants to find someone who complements them, whether it’s a friend or family. At 30… I’m at a panic stage of my life because all my friends are either getting married, or having kids. Because friends are the family that you get to choose, but now my family is now finding their own families. Here I am at 30, and that’s my conflict, between loving to be alone and between wanting to find that.

With your emotiometer, what we want is a nice wavy line. That’s what you’re really expressing your inner self, your truth. If it’s a straight line, it’s more like… suppression is your style of management. Your ability to reach out and understand people is clear, but you’re not at a point where you’re able to just let it go. It means that sometimes you can keep your thoughts to yourself, but there are times when you can have outbursts.

That’s the scariest thing about me, I find. I tend to bottle up, I tend to keep quiet about certain things, suppress it, and then when the moment hits, I just become the scariest, ugliest person, and the most dangerous thing I have is my mouth. I know everything and anything to say to someone to just destroy them and destroy every amazing memory we’ve ever had. And it’s happened so many times.

The difficult thing is that I’m put in this spot in this lifetime where I can’t authentically speak my story. So I am aware that a huge part of the suppression comes from not being able to do that, maybe ever, in my lifetime. The thing is I’ve always known my authentic self. I know my role, and I know my person. But my struggle is [when I play the role of] the support system – the blue energy she’s talking about. That’s the reason why I’m conflicting with myself.

The Aura Verdict

Hirzi: I never understood the concept of forgiving someone to forgive yourself. So I think the important thing that I got out of it was my outbursts and how do I deal with that. Now I know that expressing myself is the way to go.

I feel like any anger, any energy that you have, if you motion it towards something else instead of the thing you are angry about – like art – that becomes useful. So, knowing when to walk away from all these energy-draining moments, knowing how to deal with the people who hate me…. I’m excited to apply these tools.

Thanks to Selina Seah and The AuraChakra Company.

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